'Exclusive Professional' GLAME CARE Color Protect Oleo Repair, 48x10ml


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'Exclusive Professional' GLAME CARE Color Protect Oleo Repair, 48x10ml

Restores the hydrolipid and keratin structure of hair. It works immediately after the first use. Ideal for unruly, thin hair damaged by chemical treatments or weathering. Oleo Repair gives hair strength and elasticity, making it soft, shiny and easy to style. It is ideal for use before and after any chemical treatment, perfect for use during painting into the paint mass. The formula is also designed to be mixed with POWER CELL or other recovery agents, masks. Its formula, gently protecting the color and keeping the hair shiny longer. Due to the rich amount of keratin, it protects and emphasizes hair color, nourishing and deeply restoring. It helps to close the hair cuticles that have been opened chemically and retains the pigments, making the hair more resistant to color loss and increasing the shine of the hair.

ACTIVE SUBSTANCES: Ceramides, Guar Gum, Keratin, Spirulina Maxima
* Keratin: A protein found naturally in hair that is made up of amino acids. Its application restores and strengthens the hair, as well as gives shine and smoothness.

* NATURAL GUARO GUM (angled bean) - highly valued for its volume-giving and nourishing properties. Delicate and refreshing FRAGRANCES: Mediterranean pine, rose, mint. Relaxation, pleasure is very important during every procedure.

Use: Use on damp hair. Gently massage and rinse, repeat the procedure again with shampoo and Color care Water mask together, massage the hair, hold for 2-5 minutes. Dry your hair with a dryer. Also suitable for use in masks, paint paste and more.

* Formula free of SLES, PPD and strong surfactants.
* Free of sulfates, silicones, salts, parabens and microplastics.

Capacity: 48x10 ml
The product is intended for professional and everyday use.

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